Planing / Design

Our team strives to turn clients' ideas into reality by inviting client to take participation in the project's life cycle.

From an idea, through preliminary drawings and plans, up to the final project documentation and support during the construction.
th_home-developmentOur goal is to understand our clients and the activities they perform in the space we have designed and built for them, a space of superior quality, modern architecture, made of energy efficient materials in accordance to the professional standards.

Through cooperation with us, our clients recognize values we are dedicated to: quality, reliability, accuracy, creativity, rapidity and persistence.

Our team of engineers performs urban planning and designing process starting from requirement analysis up to the full project documentation delivery upon which the construction is realized. In this process we use visualization techniques where we use 2D and 3D presentation as to provide project participants with clear image of the future project. In this way, we do not only confirm our understanding of the building purpose and good direction to fulfill clients' expectation, but we also test possible situations during the project realization. The latest software tools for modeling and analysis we apply significantly assists us.