Project Management

In each project we apply holistic approach to coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project, from an idea to the realization.

The management of construction projects requires an understanding of the design and construction process as well as knowledge of management.

th_project_management_tTehnogradnja’s project team consisting of architects, construction, mechanical and electrical engineers, managers and consultants have gained skills and experience to achieve objectives of scope, cost, time, quality and client satisfaction by using modern management techniques. Our project team is skilled to reach the most efficient solution, including to:

- Save time and money
- Apply international standards and best practice
- Avoid or reduce risk
- Increase efficiency in projecting or construction
- Increase clients’ satisfaction

A project manager is assigned to each project, and he/she is liable for the project success from an idea to complete construction. Pursuant to the project requirements we engage partner companies relevant in certain operational fields other than construction field. Beside that, as we make efforts to fulfill our clients’ expectations, we always consider possible risks in each project and assume all liability as we successfully execute such project.